Charlotte and Chris

It’s been a while but between moving home, fairly major shoulder surgery and a very busy Christmas with weddings and nativities, time just seems to have flown by. Anyway, we are pleased to share the highlights of Charlotte and Chris’ wedding filmed at Botley’s Mansion just before Christmas. This was a lovely day with a really great couple. So make a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Filmed just before Christmas, it was a tad chilly and windy. However, that never affected the mood of the day which was bubbly, happy and friendly. Botleys is a lovely venue, although the marriage room is quite compact, which does present a bit of a filming challenge but we managed OK. The day went well, with some fine speeches and finished (for us at least) with a great band and guests donning funny hats and outfits for the photo-booth. For the technically minded, the ceremony was shot in 4K which allowed scope in the edit for screen cropping without any loss of resolution. This is proving a very handy technique allowing a range of shot sizes from a single camera without continuous zooming whilst filming, which is always a problem to hide in the edit. Again, the Sony A7s proved its worth in the evening gloom when we were able to carry on filming without a camera light.


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